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Presently, I have prints available through Saatchi Art, and the images are taken from my book Early Colours. I'll be adding more images and collections in the near future.

Saatchi does a great job of showing you how the prints would look in your living room in different sizes.

Two types of prints are available:

Open Edition Prints. Saatchi produces the prints in various sizes and prices, and includes a few framing options. These prints are not numbered nor signed by the artist. Saatchi ships them directly to you.

Saatchi offers the Open Edition Prints in two different papers, Photo Paper and Fine Art Paper.

There's a distinctive difference. The Photo Paper is the traditional paper surface used for photography, where the surface is lustre.
The Fine Art Paper is traditionally used for watercolors although I personally appreciate the cross-medium effect it has on photographic images. The surface is very mat, almost powdery, if I can use such a term.
I found more details on Saatchi's site.

Limited Edition. These prints are produced and shipped directly by me, although the billing is still managed by Saatchi. They are numbered and signed in the back, including an embossed seal in the front (white margin).
Have a look at my work at Saatchi Art.

email: info at lofficeimaginaire dot com