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André Pilon. Bilingual artist photographer, from Ottawa to Toronto to Mississauga.

I'm having great fun editing into books images from different photography projects I've done over the years.

My first endeavor is called Early Colors.

This was quickly followed by A Day at the Toronto G20.

Much more is to follow in the near future.

Oh yes, there is the book Mid-century Homes in Toronto, which is really a one-off project, very different from what I usually do. I think it started with watching Mad Men, then literately moving into a mid-century neighbourhood and falling in love with those house designs.

I've done many portraits. Some formal, but mostly a creative and artistic approach to portraits, and very rarely in studios. I aim to produce of books of portraits. In the meantime I've put a collection of those portraits on my website gallery.

And, I'm always up for hire!

email: info at lofficeimaginaire dot com